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July 2022


A ten-year initiative to bring computer science education to every NYC public school — reaching 1.1 million students — by 2025, with an emphasis on students who identify as girls, Black, and Latinx.
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July 2022

Break Through Tech

A homegrown initiative from Cornell Tech propelling more women and underrepresented communities into technology degrees and careers. Current programs offer academic and industry experience in computing and AI.
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July 2022

Cyber NYC

A $100 million public-private investment supports a new cybersecurity master’s degree at CUNY’s City College, an accelerated training program operated by Fullstack Academy to provide cyber skills training to New Yorkers with no previous experience, and other talent initiatives.
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July 2022

NYC’s Tech Sector Thrives During  the Pandemic, But Will It Stick Around During the Recovery?

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July 2022

Tech Jobs Lead the Way in New York City’s COVID-19 Pandemic Hiring

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July 2022

Why the Tech Boom Could Only Have Happened in NYC

June 2022

The World Looks to New York Startups

A ranking of 140 tech hubs around the world, produced by Startup Genome in partnership with Tech:NYC and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, placed NYC as the second strongest startup ecosystem in the world, just behind Silicon Valley, and ranked NYC the second strongest North American city for tech talent.
June 2022

New Yorkers Want the Jobs the Tech Sector Provides

Registered NYC voters think the tech sector is as important to the city’s economy as finance, transportation, entertainment, and other critical local industries. Six in ten voters want NYC to attract more tech companies and bring more jobs to New York.
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May 2022

Hiring Isn’t Slowing Down

A survey of 350 C-suite executives in New York found 71% of companies plan to increase tech talent hiring in 2022, and 87% are confident the skills they’re hiring for can be found from the local talent pool. Top hiring needs among respondents include cybersecurity, cloud computing, and AI.
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May 2021

Preparing for the Jobs Driving the Recovery

Between April and November 2020, when NYC was the epicenter of the first COVID wave and many industries were cutting jobs, tech was helping keep our economy afloat. Tech comprised 11 of the top 50 most in-demand positions, accounting for a whopping 40.1% of roles paying an average starting salary of $80,000 or more.